Library Card Policy



  1. To obtain a Liberty Public Llibrary card valid at any RCLS library, you must present either:
    1. a photo ID with verification of your residence in the Liberty Central School District (such as a NYS driver's license),
    2. a photo ID along with a tax bill, utility bill, rental agreement or other similar document showing your LCSD street address.
  2. If you do not have a photo ID, you will be eligible to obtain a free, local limited card only for use at Liberty Public Library by presenting at least 1 form of identification verifying residency in the Liberty Central School District. The maximum number of items allowed out and holds permitted will be limited, as defined by ANSER policy.
  3. Individuals residing in a hotel, college dorm, or other temporary institutions such as Daytop, will be allowed to obtain a free temporary card limited to Liberty Library use only. The maximum number of items allowed out and holds permitted will be limited, as defined by ANSER policy. Individuals must present at least 1 form of identification with their address on it. A letter signed by institutional management stating that the individual is living there will be acceptable.
  4. Children under the age of 18 will need the signature of a parent or legal guardian on the application card. The parent or guardian will be responsible for materials borrowed by children.
  5. You must inform the library of changes in your phone number or address.
  6. The first time you borrow from the library, you may borrow no more than 2 items.
  7. You will be responsible for paying for all fines and returning all materials.
  8. Borrowing privileges will be suspended if materials are not returned and/or fines are not paid.
  9. Organizations serving individuals who are unable to come to the library, such elderly, disabled, etc. may obtain a group card after applying with the Director.


If you are a summer resident, and do not own property in the Liberty School District, the following fees & rules apply:

  1. Two pieces of identification-- one with a local address*, and one with a permanent address. *If local address is not available, we will telephone to verify address.
  2. Annual non-resident fee of $20.00 per person
  3. Use is restricted to Liberty Public Library
  4. One (1) Interlibrary Loan/hold is permitted at a time.
  5. Limit of 10 materials (including a/v) checked-out at a time