Computer/Internet Policy




The Liberty Public Library provides Internet & wireless access as a means of fulfilling the informational needs of its users. The Internet provides an excellent means to expand the scope of resources available to users, however it is an unregulated and constantly changing medium. The library does not monitor or censor information on the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content.  Parents /guardians need to be aware that minors will have full access to the Internet and are advised to supervise their child’s Internet use.  While the library encourages the use of the Internet for information and educational purposes, the library is not responsible for the safety and security of minors.  Patrons use the computer at their own risk.


1.      Computer or wireless Internet use is available to any adult (over 18) who has a valid RCLS (Ramapo Catskill Library System) library card and electronically accepts this policy OR any minor (ages 10 to 18) who has a valid RCLS library card and who has the signed consent of a parent/guardian.  A parent or guardian must be present at the library to sign the consent form.

2.      Children under the age of ten must have a parent/guardian present with them while in the Library and while using the computers.

3.      In order to use the Internet computers, library cards must not have an excess amount of fines, lost or claims returned items as set by circulation policies. Visitors staying 1-week or less will be permitted to use a guest computer card. All other visitors must purchase a temporary library card at its current established rate.

4.      Users must present their own library card or barcode number at the circulation desk in order to use a computer. Staff will not look up numbers.


1.      Computers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and are shut down15-30 minutes prior to closing. 

2.      If there are no computers available, users can reserve the next available at the circulation desk.

3.      Patrons will be initially given 30-minutes, however this may be extended for additional 30 minute intervals as long as no one is waiting. Users will be permitted a maximum of 2 hours per day on their library card only.

4.      One person at a time may use a computer workstation.  Exceptions will be made if a parent/guardian is assisting a child or if 2 people are working on a project. Crowding around the library computers is not permitted.

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5.      Use of the library's Internet & wireless network are intended for information gathering and educational purposes only.  Use of Instant Messaging, chat rooms, or other inappropriate, or obscene sites is not permitted on library computers.

6.      Printouts cost 10 cents per page for all pages printed.  Remember to use the print preview prior to printing so that unwanted pages are not printed mistakenly.  Printing from the wireless network is not available.

7.      Failure to follow above guidelines may result in computer restrictions


Due to demands on staff time, staff assistance on computer functions will be very limited.  Staff may be able to offer searching hints or direct you in how to get started, but will not be able to conduct intensive Internet computer training.  A troubleshooting guide for the accessing the wireless network through your laptop is available.


Users are reminded that the library's computers are located in public areas and can be easily seen by other users of the library.  Computer or wireless Internet users are prohibited from accessing content that is pornographic, obscene or of a prurient nature.   The library in no way guarantees the privacy of the Internet user.  If the Internet content being viewed is disturbing or offending other library users or staff, the Internet user will be asked to discontinue viewing that particular site.



It is not acceptable to use the Liberty Public Library computers or wireless network in such a way as to interfere with or disrupt Internet users, services or equipment. Such interference includes, but is not limited to: transmission or use of obscene, threatening, or harassing materials; propagation of computer worms or viruses; or use of the network in a manner that violates any local, state or federal laws.

As with all formats of information, patrons must respect copyright laws and licensing agreements and abide by general rules of acceptable Internet conduct. Patrons may not change settings, damage or misuse equipment, download files, software or engage in illegal activities on the Internet.  Patrons are not permitted to use outside software on library’s computers.





I give my son/daughter permission to utilize the Internet services available at the Liberty Public Library.  I have read the Liberty Public Library Internet Policy and have explained it to my child. I understand that the Library does not monitor my child’s use of the Internet and that my child will have the same unlimited access to the Internet that all patrons benefit from.  The library cannot ensure that users are not accessing inappropriate, offensive or potentially dangerous content. As a parent/guardian I accept full responsibility for the Internet content that my child selects and accesses.  I understand that children under the age of eight must be accompanied by a parent/guardian when using the Liberty Public Library and the library’s computers.


Minor’s Name ___________________________            Date of Birth _______________

Parent/Guardian’s Name (Printed)____________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature________________________________Date______________



3rd Revision adopted by the Liberty Public Library Board of Trustees Oct. 26, 2010.

2nd Revision adopted by the Liberty Public Library Board of Trustees July 22, 2008.

Revision adopted by the Liberty Public Library Board of Trustees March 27th, 2007.

Policy adopted by the Liberty Public Library Board of Trustees Feb. 21, 2006