Problems with the current building- photos

Crowded Programs - No Program Room

aug 2014 016.JPG

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MARCH 9 2016 113.JPG

There is only one closet-sized bathroom which is not handicap-accessible and is not adequate to meet the needs of our staff or the community.  There is no space within the existing structure to create bathroom facilities compliant with ADA handicap-accessibility standards.


Brick deterioration on building exterior

June 2016 088.JPG

June 2016 089.JPG

building May 090.JPG

Deterioration of ceiling tiles, concrete blocks, and floor tiles on building interior

June 2016 084.JPG

June 2016 085.JPG

June 2016 087.JPG

With only stairs and no elevator, this means no accessibility to lower or upper levels for patrons using wheelchairs, walkers and strollers. There is no room within the existing building envelope to add an elevator.

June 2016 086.JPG